Zama's Developer Survey Confirms that AI amplified Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Concerns

At Brightside AI, we share the concerns highlighted in the recent Zama Developers Survey, which found that over half of developers see AI as nearly as big a threat to data privacy as cybercrime. It’s noticeable that 98% of them think we need to take active steps to address future privacy issues.

Scam callers. How do they keep finding me?

Phone scams are on the rise, with no signs of stopping. Almost 45 million people in the UK were targeted by scam phone calls or text messages over the summer of 2021. About half reported getting a scam call or text at least once a week. Scammers keep…

Is it truly possible to turn off location sharing on your smartphone?

Are your privacy settings actually doing anything to stop your data from being leaked? And what can you do about these leaks? Is one smartphone more private than another? Or is it all the same now in…

What is phishing and how to protect yourself?

Nowadays, cybersecurity is associated by most people with malicious users who hack websites or steal passwords. But there is another way to steal personal data – using social engineering…

Why should I care about data leaks if I have nothing to hide?

Data leaks—are they really that important, if you have nothing to hide? The answer to that question is a resounding Yes, you should be concerned, perhaps not for yourself, but for what…

How do companies use dark patterns to trick you into data sharing?

In the early 2010s, companies began using deceptive design to manipulate the user. So-called «dark patterns» is a type of interface that is designed…

Why data protection regulations are always behind?

TIt is very hard for regulators to predict what new technology will emerge. Therefore, lawmakers tend to wait for an incident to happen and then decide which regulations to apply to it….

Why do we need cookies and how they’ve turned into a spying machine?

Cookies are small text files that websites use to remember information about user visits. For the average user, cookies are not harmful. For example, if you accidentally close the tab with an online store's website, the products added to...

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BRIGHTSIDE AI - All Right Reserved | Copyright© 2024

BRIGHTSIDE AI - All Right Reserved | Copyright© 2024

BRIGHTSIDE AI - All Right Reserved | Copyright© 2024